Rowland responds: Will Nogales High get a new performing arts center?

The first question that Rowland Unified received through Rowland Responds was whether Nogales High School will be receiving a new performing arts center like the one planned to be built at Rowland High School. The following is a response from the Educational Services Division:


     Nogales High School will not have a performing arts center; however, it will have access to the new center at Rowland High School like the rest of the community. The new design of Nogales High School will include the development of a multipurpose room with a performance-level stage that will include lighting systems and sound board. In addition, the design at Nogales High School incorporates a dual stage system that can host indoor/outdoor performances. The design takes into consideration the open area on the campus for outdoor performances.
      At Nogales High School, it is also anticipated that the existing “Little Theater” will be completely renovated as part of the second stage of construction at the campus. Part of the proposal for Nogales High School would also include a new pool and band room. The complete retrofit of the Little Theater would include improved seating, sound, lighting and stagework.
      Information updates about the revitalization projects at both Nogales and Rowland High Schools will be updated regularly on the Measure R Bond section of the District website at

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