Hero helps man cross Hacienda Boulevard in heavy traffic

Every day hero helps man cross the street.

Every day hero helps man cross the street.

By Pedro Garcia

Coming to work this morning I witnessed something special … I saw a HERO in action!

No, it wasn’t a police officer or a firemen or even paramedic. They do heroic acts every day. This time it was a regular everyday person.

While waiting for a traffic signal to turn green on the corner of Amar and Hacienda Boulevard in La Puente ( I was driving west bound on Amar) a gentleman started to walk cross Hacienda with difficulty.

As soon as he stepped into the crosswalk,  a driver in a white plumbing truck going south on Hacienda turned on his hazard lights, then jumped out of his vehicle. He helped the man crossing the street, holding his arm and walking him all the way across the street. Then the truck driver make sure the man was OK before he went back to his truck.

The driver took the time to help this person in need, with no expectation other than to give somebody a hand.  Now that’s a hero!

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