Diamond Bar, Walnut, Rowland, Wilson Highs rank well

Local high schools did well in the Washington Post’s new list of the nation’s most academically challenging schools. The Post used what it calls a Challenge Index to rank high schools across the country.

Only 9 percent of the nation’s 22,000 public high schools managed to make the list.

“On our list, the top 220 schools are in the top 1 percent nationally, the top 440 in the top 2 percent, and so on,” explained Staff Writer Jay Mathews on the Post’s web site. Diamond Bar High School ranked the best locally, coming in 317 out of the 2,000 schools listed. Sixty percent of its students passed at least one college-level test during their high school career.
Read more in my story in the Tribune. http://m.sgvtribune.com/sgvtribune/article/OOiaoM1r

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