So Cal Edison, Green Home Builder plan green home in Walnut

Following the success of the award-winning original ABC (Affordable,
Buildable, Certifiable) Green Home at the Great Park in Irvine, California,
Green Home Builder magazine, Southern California Edison (SCE) and Habitat
for Humanity will break ground on a new ABC Green Home 2.0 in Walnut  on June 9.

The project demonstrates that a solar-powered, sustainable home can be built
using available materials, technology and appliances at a cost that is
competitive with conventional housing.

Implementing numerous sustainable building practices, the ABC Green Home 2.0 will continue its high-performance themes brought to life by the original project and maintain the principles of being affordable, buildable and third-party certifiable.

The high-performance home is being developed by Green Home Builder magazine, supported by SCE and built by Habitat for Humanity. Noted design team members include The KTGY Group Architecture + Planning, Urban Arena, Gouvis Engineering Consulting Company, and Ripple Creative Group-all part of the original team from the original ABC Green Home.

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