Kings center Anze Kopitar talks about signing his contract extension, admits it was a distraction earlier in the season

Here’s some of what Kings center Anze Kopitar said after his eight-season, $80-million contract extension was finalized Saturday:

“It’s obviously a great feeling knowing I’m going to be a part of this team for years to come now. It’s something I’ve expressed throughout the process that I’d like to stay here. It’s some sort of relief and a nice feeling.”

Asked if the protracted talks were a distraction, he said:

“Maybe early on because I was thinking about when it’s going to be done and how it’s going to be done. I just put it aside and hoping eventually it’s going to get resolved. It’s a business and sometimes things like that drag on a little bit longer than you’d like, but now it’s nice to have it finalized.”

Then there was this:

“For me, it’s not going to change my game, it’s not going to change my mindset. It’s the same way. It’s be the best you can be and help your team win. I didn’t really have any doubts. I didn’t know, but I was hoping it was going to get done. I was leaning toward getting it done than doubting it, so I never really thought that far. I liked it to have been done before the season so it would have been by me, but you realize it’s a business, it’s a process. When two parties collide like that it can go a little bit longer, just longer, I guess. This one went a bit longer. It’s done and I’m happy about it.”