Ducks forward Shawn Horcoff talks a little bit more about his 20-game suspension for PED use

Here’s more of what Ducks forward Shawn Horcoff said Tuesday about his 20-game suspension Jan. 26 by the NHL for using performance-enhancing drugs:

“The biggest thing was I wasn’t doing anything to try to enhance my performance. I had a legitimate injury. I think that’s the thing that frustrates me the most. People who are close to me know how much I care about the integrity of the game. This game has given me so much. I have so much respect for it, I would never do something like that. That was the thing I was fearful of the most, people having the wrong perception of what was going on.

“I wasn’t too worried because I knew there was a time when I could tell my story. I should have done my homework. I took it for granted that the stuff I was getting, the person who gave it to me, knew it was gong to be OK. That was my mistake. The league was very clear. They tell us all the time, ‘You’re responsible for what goes in your body.’ I paid the price for it, a steep price for it. You really got to know what you’re doing. It could be anything. Ultimately, it falls on you. You’re the one who’s going to pay the price for it.”