Kings exit interviews: Milan Lucic

Kings left wing Milan Lucic talked Sunday about contract talks and how much he’d like to get them done before free agency begins July 1. Here’s more from him about re-signing and remaining with the Kings:

“There have been some talks before the playoffs started. There’s two months until July, so hopefully something can get done here, so I can remain a King moving forward into the future. That’s something I’ve expressed that I really want to have happen. I really enjoy being an LA King and everything it has to offer. Hopefully, it can get done here in the near, near future. Just a little bit more work to do to bridge a gap here.

“It’s definitely something I want moving forward. I think it’s something they want too. Hopefully, we can make it work out. The sooner the better. To be honest, I don’t have much interest in hitting the open market or even hearing what’s out there because, in my mind, this is where I want to be. Why flirt with something when you know what you want? That’s the case for me moving forward.”