Kings general manager Dean Lombardi says offer is on the table for Darryl Sutter to return as coach

Kins coach Darryl Sutter talks to players during practice at the Staples Center in Los Angeles Tuesday, June 3, 2014. The New York Rangers will face the Los Angeles Kings for the Stanley Cup. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht/Los Angeles Daily News)

Kings coach Darryl Sutter.

Kings general manager Dean Lombardi said Friday he made a “very fair” offer to Darryl Sutter to return as the team’s coach for next season and beyond, but no agreement has been reached. Lombardi said money is not the issue, but the direction of the team is.

“Darryl has an offer on the table,” Lombardi said during a conference call. “I think there’s an offer that’s certainly respectable. I don’t think this is about money. It’s, are we ready to do this? That issue of where we’re going and where we are is always out there. It’s a different challenge. You want to hear what our game plan is. It’s not different than when I first hired him.”

LA Kings general manager Dean Lombardi makes a persuasive case for Drew Doughty as Norris Trophy winner

Kings general manager Dean Lombardi doesn’t have a vote, but if he did he would cast it in favor of Drew Doughty as the Norris Trophy winner as opposed to Erik Karlsson of the Ottawa Senators. Here’s what Lombardi said Tuesday when I asked him why I should vote for Doughty as the league’s top defenseman in 2015-16:

“Not even close. All you’ve got to do is stay up and watch West Coast games, and you’ll know why, and I won’t even have to explain it to you. … You know what the beauty of that position is? It’s the classic case where greatness is the subtleties. And that No. 1 defenseman, what makes him special? Unless you really understand the game and see some of the things he does, you have to study the game, not watch the game, and realize what he does is really special, and has nothing to do with highlights and the points and all of this stuff.

“It’s not the highlight-film position. It’s not supposed to be, and then we turned it (into one) because (of) Paul Coffey. I guess, he pulled it off. But at least Paul Coffey was in the playoffs. And this stuff that (Doughty) plays for a better team? How good do you think we are without him? How about the other way around?”

LA Kings announce new training programs to address off-ice issues

After the domestic violence arrest of Slava Voynov last October and drug busts of Jarret Stoll and Mike Richards during the off-season, the Kings on Monday announced several new training and awareness programs aimed at improving off-ice conduct.

“During the past year, we have been extremely diligent in developing an educational strategy and comprehensive programs in an effort to ensure that the troubling incidents that occurred last season are not repeated,” Dan Beckerman, chief executive of the Kings’ parent company, AEG, said in a statement. “We have conducted research, gathered information and forged partnerships that will better prepare our players and staff for challenges that could impact their behavior away from the workplace.”

The Kings announced a partnership with Peace Over Violence, a Los Angeles-based violence prevention center. In addition, the team said it hired former NHL player Brantt Myhres to a newly-created player assistance position, focusing on the challenges of addiction and substance abuse.

Chris Herren, a former NBA player who founded the Herren Project, will speak to the team about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. The team also will undergo sexual harassment training and complete a conduct awareness program.

“These programs are now part of the development process for all of our players,” Kings general manager Dean Lombardi said in a statement. “No longer can we solely focus on their growth and education as just hockey players. We need to give them the tools to thrive as people as well.”

Lombardi is schedule to speak further on the subject when he meets with reporters before Tuesday’s exhibition against the Arizona Coyotes at Staples Center.