Solis going strong

Alex Solis is riding as well as any jockey in the country. He won two stakes races on opening day at Del Mar and seems to be making all the right decisions.
Alex is as good at judging a pace as it gets. He’s equally as dangerous on a speed horse as on a come-from-behinder. In fact, the way he’s riding these days, he reminds me of Eddie Delahoussaye when Eddie D. would come from far back and just get up to win. If you bet Alex on a come-from-behinder and he’s 2 or 3 lengths behind the next-to-last horse, don’t fret. It just means more times than not he’s going to be closing like an express train in the stretch.

Alex is at the point in his career when he can pick and choose his mounts. He doesn’t ride as many horses as some jockeys. He rode in only four of the eight races Thursday. But if he sticks around to ride in the last race, take a long look at his horse before leaving it out of any exotics. He’s especially dangerous when riding for Ron McAnally, Bruce Headley, Cesar Dominguez and Patrick Gallagher.

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