Martin the Great

I’m more convinced than ever that ultra-talented apprentice jockey Martin Garcia is going to win the Del Mar riding title.
The kid won two more races Monday, pulling into a tie with Hollywood Park riding champ Victor Espinoza. They both have nine wins through the first six days of the Del Mar meet.

When you consider that Espinoza figures to be out of town occasionally to fulfill riding commitments, that opens the door even wider for Garcia to come out on top. Alex Solis, third at Del Mar with six winners, will have another high win percentage but doesn’t ride enough races to win the title.

2 thoughts on “Martin the Great

  1. Could you answer a question for me? How old is Jack Karlik? I can’t believe he is still around. He was handicapping back when my grandfather took me to the track as a youngster. Does he pick his own horses and does he even go to the track anymore?

  2. Jack is an icon in the press box. He’s known as the dean of the Southland handicappers. No one quite knows what his age is. He’s pretty secret with that. But I can tell you he does indeed make his own selections and goes to the track every day.

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