Best jockey out there

If you owned a stakes horse and could pick one jockey to ride it, who would u choose? The East Coast’s darling, John Velazquez?

I’d take Alex Solis … the Glendora resident is riding lights out right now, and he can do it both gate to wire and on come from behinders. He’s getting better as he gets older.

4 thoughts on “Best jockey out there

  1. I wouldn’t bother going to the East Coast. For my money, I’d stick right here in Southern California where I think we have the best riders and trainers. I’d use Alex Solis as well because he’s versatile and can bring a horse either off the pace or rate it on the lead. But we have such a talented riders colony that you really couldn’t go wrong with anybody that’s in the top ten I think.

  2. You’re right, Del Mar! With riders the likes of Espinoza, P-Val, Nakatani, et al, you really can’t go wrong.
    I really believe we have the deepest pool of jockeys in the country here in the Southland.

  3. I have to admit, I have a soft spot when it comes to veteran riders Danny Sorenson and Martin “Martini” Pedroza. Both guys hustle and try each and everytime even if it’s only for third place. The one guy that has really impressed me lately with his calm, cool approach to riding is John Court. Can you tell me about him? I don’t really know a lot about his background. Thanks!

  4. Jon Court is a 45-year-old native of Gainesville, Fla. who is married with three kids and lives in La Verne.
    A standout on the Midwest circuit, Court moved to Southern California in March 2004, maining because of the urging of trainer Doug O’Neill.
    You’re right, delmar, he’s a very capable, polished rider whom bettors should not be afraid to plunk a few dollars on.

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