Favorites are killing me

With favorites winning at a 43-percent clip through the first 10 days of the Del Mar meet, it’s no wonder I’m off to a slow start.

Just a matter of time before some of those sweet Del Mar price plays begin clicking … like Sailors Sunset ($28.40) in Friday’s seventh race. Just gotta stay patient.
Like today, give Underhill (second race), Malinche and Evening Escort (fourth), and Ski Seattle (ninth) a good look. Remember, though, they are best at 20-1 or more and always bet across the board at that price.

2 thoughts on “Favorites are killing me

  1. Hey Boomin, where the heck you been?

    Pacific Classic, huh? Well, the conventional wisdom says Lava Man, but we all know what happened to Cigar in the Pacific Classic when nobody thought he could lose.

    One thing we know, though. With word coming today that Perfect Drift will contest the $1 million race again, we know who is going to finish second!

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