Cold Case at Del Mar

The top four jockeys at the Del Mar meet blanked Wednesday, meaning Victor Espinoza is still atop the rider standings by five wins over both Alex Solis and Martin Garcia.

I predicted a while back that Garcia would win the jockey championship, but Espinoza has been red hot of late. But Garcia could gain ground soon if Espinoza begins going out of town to fill some riding commitments. Don’t overlook Corey Nakatani, either. He’s in fourth and has been riding very well lately.

3 thoughts on “Cold Case at Del Mar

  1. I really was hoping that Garcia would win today’s 4th race aboard John Sadler’s Popoki. Sharp second at 16-1, he gets beaten by a horse that hasn’t won a race in two years (0-16).

  2. Yeah, I liked that horse too, DelMar … that was a tough beat. He was flying at the end. Hopefully you backed it up at that nice 16-1 price.

  3. wow thanks for puitntg me on the blog links John! greatly appreciated! needless to say I’m a huge fan of you’re work and strive to make it into the animation industry some day (shakes fist of passion)

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