Kornier making self at home

Doug O’Neill may be atop the trainer standings, but former NoCal mainstay Brian Kornier is showing the folks here in SoCal that he knows how to train.

He’s won with 50 percent of his Del Mar starters — 8 of 16 — and at least four of them have gone postward at odds of 5-1 or better. He says he hopes he’s here to stay, and Del Mar has been no fluke. He’s winning at a better than 20-percent clip for the year.

11 thoughts on “Kornier making self at home

  1. he did a great job sunday, especially w/ black 17! out of the clouds the horse came, and won big! question, what in the heck is up w/ victor espinoza! he stinks recentley. sunday, the first 6 races, he had 5 post time favorites. the best he can do is a 2nd? then he totally quit on declans moon. last place? never went to the whip? he sucks! what is the problem? he has always been good @ getting alot out of a horse, but not right now.

  2. Funny you should bring up Victor Espinoza. I heard on TVG on Monday that his agent Tony Matos, who also worked for Laffit Pincay Jr. and Angel Cordero, considers Espinoza right up there in their class.
    As for Declan’s Moon, I heard that Espinoza could feel the colt was not giving his all in the Pat O’Brien and rather than abuse the horse in the stretch, he saved him for another day. That’s one reason why owners and trainers value a jockey like Espinoza so much — they won’t abuse a horse when it’s obviously not going to make a difference.

  3. well, thanks for the info. i guess it makes me feel a little better! keep up the work here on this blog. our community needs a place to voice themselves. i always enjoy reading your articles in the paper. i wish all the local tracks could bottle what del mar had going on sunday. it was truly a great day. crowded, yes. buts lots of tellers, lots of people helping and showing others how to use machines and bet those .10 supers! i wish santa anita and hollywood patrons would be as polite. thanks

  4. Funny Richard should mention having some problems with Victor Espinoza. I am not somebody that bashes the jocks but I have to admit I have seen him taking his horses wide into the stretch and having them flatten out a lot lately. Anybody else noticed this? It’s kind of hard to bash the leading jock but I think he may be trying to emulate Eddie Delahoussaye who use to bring his horses from a mile back and circle the field to win going away!

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