Cut Murray Johnson some slack

Trainer Murray Johnson’s rip job on Del Mar officials and fellow trainer Doug O’Neill following Sunday’s Pacific Classic was out of line. But give the veteran trainer credit. He apologized the following day and also called O’Neill to offer a personal apology.

The rip job was out of character for Johnson, who trains Perfect Drift. But let’s remember. His father, visiting from Australia, almost died Friday because of heart trouble and he’s been under a lot of stress. We all do things we sometimes regret under similar circumstances. Let’s all hope Murray Johnson’s dad makes a full recovery.

6 thoughts on “Cut Murray Johnson some slack

  1. Yes! I understand that Murray’s Father actually dropped dead and was brought back by emergency CPR right in front of Murray at Paddy Gallaghers barn on Friday night. I am sure that along with the strain of the Grade I race is enough to make anybody a tad on edge.

  2. Very intsghiful article.I think you are exactly right about the other female characters introduced before her being more interesting and taking away some of her thunder from the audience. I don’t think the pregnency thing makes a huge difference, I just think it was an altogether underwhelming performance.

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