Try these horses on for Sise

A very capable trainer, Clifford Sise, has been eerily quiet so far this Del Mar meeting. Sise, who has won with 18 percent of his 173 starters this year, is 0 for 15 at the beach and overdue to make a big splash at the meet.

The comeback could begin today with a pair of Sise starters — Warren Road in the third with Aaron Gryder aboard and June’s Prince in the sixth. The latter will be ridden by Martin Pedroza, who wins 19 percent of the time aboard Sise horses. Warren Road is dropping into a maiden claimer for the first time and is extremely dangerous. Don’t be alarmed by the fact that June’s Prince has been on the shelf for nearly a year. Sise wins at a 20-percent clip with horses on the sideline for six months or more. The Sise slump may not last much longer.

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