Breeders’ Cup Classic

Right now, you’d have to put Bernardini on top of the Breeders’ Cup Classic hopefuls list the way he easily won Saturday’s Travers Stakes at Saratoga. I thought Bluegrass Cat had a shot to beat him heading into the race, but Bernardini made short work of the Cat and all others once the field hit the top of the stretch.

Lava Man certainly is the West’s major hope, but can he ship out of state and win? His efforts in New York and Japan last year were dismal, to say the least, although to be fair he did have some foot issues and that might have caused him to struggle. Lava Man’s trainer, Doug O’Neill, says he believes the horse can ship and win. But until he does it, you have to be skeptical. Right now, the owners are planning to post the supplemental fee and go to Churchill Downs.

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