Del Mar jockey race

I am surprised. I was fairly certain that Martin Garcia would win the Del Mar riding title, but it looks like the talented Victor Espinoza is going to prove me wrong by backing up his Hollywood Park title with one at Del Mar as well. Espinoza won one race today at Del Mar, meaning he holds a 48-35 edge over his younger counterpart as the meet heads into its final days. Garcia was injured Monday and is out for the remainder of the meeting.

Espinoza, whom his agent Tony Matos likes to compare to former clients Laffit Pincay Jr. and Angel Cordero, also finished a strong second to PVal at Santa Anita, losing the title by only three wins. The way he is riding, Espinoza has to be considered the favorite for Oak Tree, too, although we don’t know when PVal is going to return.

2 thoughts on “Del Mar jockey race

  1. Speaking of P. Val, any word as to what the problem is with him and where he’s at? Hate to admit it but his situation stinks and points to his addiction problem once again.

  2. PVal has been hospitalized since late July for undisclosed reasons, according to his agent. There has been no news that he’s failed any recent drug tests administered by the CHRB.

    Of course, there was talk earlier last month that he had back problems and would have to undergo back surgery. But his agent has since said that PVal’s back has responded to treatment and he’s fine in that regard.

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