Get your rest, Victor

Victor Espinoza, riding high these days after winning a track record seven races at Del Mar on Labor Day, will be taking it easy the next couple weeks until Oak Tree opens on Wednesday, Sept. 27. At that time, he’ll shoot for his third consecutive SoCal riding title after winning the Hollywood Park summer and Del Mar meets.

How long can Espinoza keep his streak alive? Of course, it pales in comparison to the seasons that Chris McCarron and Patrick Valenzuela enjoyed in 1983 and 2003, respectively, when both riders swept the five major SoCal riding titles. Patrick, who was cleared this week to begin exercising horses, could be back for Oak Tree. That could be a super matchup — Victor vs. PVal. Who would win? Thoughts? I like Espinoza, the way he’s riding right now.

2 thoughts on “Get your rest, Victor

  1. I use to like P.Val, and probably still do. But how can you continue to stick up for this guy? He misses more mounts and days than a high school senior skipping classes.

  2. I have to agree with both of you. Victor is hot right now. His agent should have an easier time getting the hot mounts from the trainers. Everyone loves a winner. And with Victor, it’s easy to root for him, as an athlete and a person.

    I like P. Val. Don’t know him as a person, but everytime I see him sitting chilly on a mount during the post parade, I think, “That’s what a pro should look like.” But again, his long chronicled personal troubles will always cast a shadow on his past accomplishments and his future in the sport.

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