Pedroza off and running

Is there a more underrated jockey around than the hustling Martin Pedroza, who is running away with the Fairplex Park riding title after the first week?

Pedroza has won only one major riding title in the Southland, during the 2005 Hollywood Park autumn meeting. But Pedroza can flat-out ride. It goes to show there are quite a few riders on this circuit who, if they got the consistent top mounts that the top jockeys get, they’d also fare quite well. I have long maintained that we have the strongest jockey colony in the country, if not the world. I still feel that way, even after losing talented riders like Pincay, McCarron, Delahoussaye and Stevens to retirement in recent years.

7 thoughts on “Pedroza off and running

  1. Martin Pedroza has always been one of my favorite jocks. He tries hard and will always give the bettor his monies worth. If you bet the trifecta/superfecta you always know you’ll get a hustling ride, even if it is only for fourth money.

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