As the Jockey Turns

We’ve just started the Oak Tree meeting and already Patrick Valenzuela is overshadowing what should be a great weekend of Breeders’ Cup prep races. Given the OK by the CHRB to ride four horses on Thursday, he’s named on four more Friday but still needs to provide medical documentation during his absence since July 16 before the board will let him fulfill those commitments.

P-Val was hoping to ride opening day, but when the racing board did not receive medical documents in time, which is one of the provisions of his license because of prior bouts with substance abuse, his return was delayed until Thursday. The board is trying to work with him on this, but still no documents as of Wednesday afternoon. As usual, his attorney is crying about how injust this all is. All I can say is, poor Patrick.

5 thoughts on “As the Jockey Turns

  1. wonder how many people knew it was a Air Quality Red day, ulneahthy, with high ozone levels. I love trail running and the running community, so its not that I’m trying to drive a dagger into anybody’s heart but when things are really bad, your health is worth a second thought. peace.

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