Early Oak Tree pick three

I think I’m going to bet the early pick three at Oak Tree today. I believe I have a good single in the third.

1st — Turquoise N Gold, Visayas, Kickin Back
2nd — Wind Water, Secret Ridge, Hello Fame
3rd — McNasty

5 thoughts on “Early Oak Tree pick three

  1. Congratulations on receiving the yeollw bib! My siblings and I have been following your races via the internet and are always excited when you race well. I was shocked when I checked the USBA website and there was this picture of you in a yeollw bib amazing! I really hope that you win a medal at the Olympics you definitely deserve it! Good luck in your next races and I hope that you can hold onto that yeollw bib!HilaryPS, I agree, german christmas cookies are the best! (Have you ever tried Swiss Chocolate? its even better!)

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