Del Mar goes with Polytrack

Del Mar announced Tuesday it has decided to install Polytrack as its artificial surface to satisfy the CHRB’s mandate that each major Southern California track install an artificial track by the end of 2007.

Del Mar will join Keeneland and Turfway Park in Kentucky and Woodbine near Toronto, Canada as tracks that have the new Polytrack racing surface. Good move? Bad move? What do you all think? From everything I’ve heard and read, Del Mar has made a sound decision. Plans are for work to begin in January and the new track to be ready to go by the opening of Del Mar’s 68th season in July.

6 thoughts on “Del Mar goes with Polytrack

  1. Can’t wait to see and follow this! I just hope that Del Mar’s crack PR department doesn’t have anything to do with the installation.

  2. Mar22 lut!!! i knew it! t’was you.. you maintain a lot of blogs! thakns for visiting me here, and linking me to your pages. someday i will be able to find time to fill this site with longer/substantial entries lol. how was your big day? hope you’ve had a great one!

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