No horse will ever duplicate this powerful victory

I was in shock. I was a BIG fan of Sham and my best friend was a BIG Secretariat fan. I was shattered that June afternoon in 1973, but I have to admit … to this day, it is still the most dominating victory I have ever seen by a horse. Anybody out there know of any other that was MORE impressive?

One thought on “No horse will ever duplicate this powerful victory

  1. Thoroughly loved the film Secretariat. Churchill Downs in Louisville ,Preekness in Maryland and Belmont in NY are the biggest races. But for Secretariat to win all three races wasnt easy. Ms Tweedy’s love and Lucien Laurin’s (John Malkovich)training together with intense efforts of the jockey Ronnie Turcott(Otto Thorwarth)gave Secretariat all the stamina and endurance to win the triple crown. Dylan Walsh as the husband Jack Tweedy was very genuine as a husband who is sick and tired of having his wife far from him and the three children in Colorado out in West Virginia and KY,MD,NY,FL… Randall Wallace directed the movie perfectly. Diane lane is cute….whether she is Unfaithful or under the Tuscan sun or Penny Chenery Tweedy.

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