Let’s make some mad money

Hollywood Park begins its 68th season Wednesday. Beginning tomorrow, I will blog only horses that I like A LOT. Winning money at the track is all about hitting at a high success rate, which means we’re going to concentrate on high-percentage plays.

I am not a player who likes low odds. When I’m at the track, there are times I won’t bet anything less than 10-1. I like a price. But the horses I will blog this meeting will be the ones I feel have a very high chance of winning. Keep in mind I was the king of second-place finishes during the Santa Anita meet, so if you like my horses you might want to back them up if they go postward at a reasonable price. There may be times this meeting that I blog a horse two, three, four consecutive days. And there might be times when I go a week between horses. That’s the way it goes when you’re being selective and looking for just the prime plays.
Good luck this meeting!

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