Taking a stab at possible record Pick Six

Who’s going to turn down the chance to shoot for a record $5 or $6 million in a pick six? I mean, especially when you think you know it all when it comes to handicapping. Needless to say I’ve never hit a pick six, but hey, optimism abounds. It’s a new day and I’m going to take a stab. I’m going with a $144 ticket, and if I’m alive going into the nightcap, all the marbles are going to be riding on trainer Bruce Headley and jockey Alex Solis (pictured).

3 — Black Horse Money and Skipaslew
4 — Dr. Mohrbacher, Icanmakeitrain, Visayas
5 — Power Shift and Scat Thief
6 — Bench Wench, Perfectly Sweet and Lt. Lorraine
7 — Swiss Diva and Glorified
8 — Alpine Nugget

My best bets of the day are Bosset in the second, Power Shift in the fifth and Alpine Nugget in the eighth.
Good luck everybody!!

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