More Polytrack talk

It was sort of strange Sunday, hearing trainer Vladimir Cerin rave about the positives regarding Polytrack, Del Mar’s new $9 million synthetic surface, after his Student Council pulled a 23-1 shocker in the $1 million Pacific Classic. Then, less than an hour later, winning Classic jockey Richard Migliore said he’s not sold on Polytrack yet, that there is still too much inconsistency for his liking.

Cerin argued in favor of the surface, saying it is making it safer for the horses and also cutting back California’s obsession for speed. Migliore, on the other hand, says it’s confusing to him. In the morning, when he works a horse, he says sometimes he’ll think to himself that the horse can’t lose. Then, when the afternoon comes and the sun has had the chance to soften up the Polytrack, the horse doesn’t race as well as he worked on the firmer track in the morning. The debate rages on.

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