L.A. News Group handicappers shine!!

If you haven’t already checked out the four race handicappers for our Los Angeles Newspaper Group, and I’m talking about Bob Ike, Terry Turrell, Jerry Antonucci and Ray Nelson, you’d better do so quickly.

Not only has Ike won numerous handicapping titles at Southland tracks, but Turrell picked a $1,300 exacta for $5 at Hollywood Park a couple of Fridays ago and had a best bet that returned $18!!! Of course, Antonucci has one of the best names in the handicapping industry, and Nelson, in my opinion, is the best long-shot handicapper in the game. Smokey Route ($124) and Thrilla ($67.60) were not only his selections those days, but they were both his best bets. He also had If It Stays Fair at Oak Tree ($51) and numerous other selections. A $2 flat bet on all his picks for Oak Tree and the first 13 days of Hollywood Park would have you in well in the black. That’s not an easy chore to accomplish in this sport.

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