Santa Anita dropping the ball

Track management has not done a good job of getting the word out about whether they’re racing Wednesdays or not. I mean, you’re going to get small turnouts on days when people aren’t sure if you’re racing.

This is the way the situation currently stands — there will be no racing at Santa Anita this Wednesday (tomorrow) or Wednesday, March 12. There is a good chance Santa Anita will go back to six-day weeks for at least the last two Wednesdays of March, but nobody knows for sure. Management would be wise to make a decision ASAP so the bettors are not left hanging. Rumor has it people were showing up during canceled days in January because they had not gotten word that live racing was off for the day.
We can’t really blame the Cushion Track fiasco on Santa Anita. That was plain and simple Cushion Track’s error and they botched it up to an unprecedented degree.
But, by the same token, Santa Anita needs to do a better job of conveying to its fans when it is and when it isn’t racing. It’s getting a little confusing.

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