Santa Anita will cut purses for 2008-09 winter/spring meet

An overnight purse cut of 7 to 10 percent looms for the Santa Anita 2008-09 meet, with the final decision to be made in the next few weeks. The TOC, which represents owners, has to sign off on the deal. This comes on the heels of Hollywood Park’s recent accouncement that it is cutting purses by 7 percent. Del Mar cut its purses over the summer and Fairplex Park, where business was slow this past summer, is considering cuts for its 2009 meet. It’s obvious horse racing is not immune from the economic downturn that is sweeping the country.

2 thoughts on “Santa Anita will cut purses for 2008-09 winter/spring meet

  1. I really believe that the SoCal tracks need to take a page out of the books of Aqeduct, Woodbine and a host of others – offer free general admission and free parking. The fact that Del Mar rose prices on parking and all concessions (food, beer) this past meet did not got unnoticed.

    The ecomomic downturn has affected our sport, but the tracks and the heads at the CHRB are still trying to gouge more $$$ out of their patrons pockets – this is not good business practice.

  2. I do not disagree that the horse racing game, notably in California, has dropped the ball on more than one occasion. I don’t agree with the mandate on artificial tracks. I think it should have been left for each track to decide on an individual basis. I think there is too much racing. I also agree with you, that parking and general admission should be free. Tracks would make up for the lost revenue in those areas because people would just spend more once they are inside.

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