Racing fans take it on the chin again

So the TOC and ADW companies can’t come to some sort of agreement that would let racing rans outside of California bet the Hollywood Park autumn meet. What else is new, huh? I mean, at a time when this great sport is starving for publicity and good will, two of its major players decide that enough is not enough and they are taking their toys and going home. So instead of racing fans in Indiana betting races at Hollywood Park the rest of this meet, they’re going to have to find a different favorite track and two stubborn entities are costing everyone in the California racing industry money. I mean, let’s do the math here. It seems to me that 4 percent of a little is better than 100 percent of nothing. Am I missing something here? Asked if he was optimistic a deal between the TOC and ADW companies would get done soon, a Hollywood Park official shook his head no. This industry has a patent on making unwise decisions, especially at a time when a slumping economy makes any revenue at all better than no revenue. Are you listening, guys?

One thought on “Racing fans take it on the chin again

  1. Between Drew Couto (TOC) and the suits at TVG, they’ve combined to negatively impact the local game for years. Couto is inept and TVG – well – no comment.

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