Best fillies of all time

On the heels of the fantastic year enjoyed by Zenyatta in 2008, who’s your pick as the top filly of all time? Just one rule — you can only pick a filly you’ve seen run in person or television.
My picks:
1. Ruffian (right) — She set records each time she ran, and she was never headed in a race until she broke down in that ill-fated match race against Foolish Pleasure in 1975.
2. Lady’s Secret — She beat the boys and was Horse of the Year in 1986.
3. Personal Ensign — Won arguably the most exciting Breeders’ Cup race ever, edging another great filly in her own right, Winning Colors, at the wire in the 1988 Distaff. She retired 13-0.
4. All Along — Beat the boys three times in North America in 1983 and was voted that year’s Horse of the Year.
5. Zenyatta — Stamped herself as one of the all-time greats with her BC Ladies’ Classic score, and she could move up the ladder if she stays healthy and competes as a 5-year-old.

9 thoughts on “Best fillies of all time

  1. I dearly wish I had seen Ruffian run.

    I’ve been following racing since ’88, and these are probably the best I’ve seen.

    1. Go For Wand

    2. Rags To Riches

    3. Personal Ensign (although I loved Winning Colors)

    4. Bayakoa

    5. Open Mind

    Honorable mentions to My Flag and Inside Information

  2. Chrystal,
    That’s a pretty good list of talented fillies. Rags to Riches thrilled us all, of course, with her victory over Curlin in the 2007 Belmont Stakes. What a great race that was. One of the all-time best Belmonts.

  3. i know! that race was one of the best. unfortunately im to young (under 14 above 11)to have seen the earlier races. another one is eight belles. she seemed to start with her heart at the finish line and she never stopped trying. she was one of my best friends favorites and my best friend cried for like and hour and a half! she was REALLY sad, and i was too. seeing great horses like her really teach us something about not quitting.

  4. I think you left out one very important filly that never got the chance to do more, but she did do things that these others never did in her short life.LANDALUCE

    she was and still is the greatest!
    Every time she raced she set or smashed track and stakes records she always won by over 5 lengths!
    She ran the fastest 5 1/2 furlong race EVER raced by any other horse she even broke the immortal secretariats records, and all ofher times in all of her races are still un-touched! and she won her maiden by over 15 lengths!
    Even when her sesamoids shattered in the match race SHE STILL TRIED TO RACE! you could see it when you watch the match race and her jockey Jacinto said she wouldn’t stop trying to finish the race which is why it was so hard for him to get her to stop!
    Plus she was officially given the nickname Queen Of The Fillies!

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