Wagering dispute settled

A good-news announcement this evening from Hollywood Park, which has lost a lot of betting because out-of-state fans haven’t been able to bet on-line and by phone on the Inglewood track this season:

Hollywood Park announced that as a result of an agreement between some account wagering companies and the Thoroughbred Owners of California, that account wagering on races conducted at Hollywood Park would be available commencing Friday, November 21, to those residing outside of California. The restoration of interstate wagering through account wagering companies lessens the severity of a necessary purse cut that will now be approximately 5% overall.

Jack Liebau, President of Hollywood Park, said that “the purse cut would have been far greater had account wagering not been restored.” Liebau added, that “the initial purse schedule had under estimated the adverse impact that economic conditions would have on handle and that wagering during that past week had been particularly impacted by further announcements regarding the deteriorating economy. It is anticipated that this purse reduction will take effect on Wednesday, November 26.

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