Santa Anita Racing — 1/25/2009

1st — $1 early pick four (Air Fair and Panorama Ridge in the first; Squeeze Now and Mr. Elroy in the second; Machismo, Johnny Eves, Six Pack Abs and Devoted Magic in the third; and One Chin Again in the fourth) that costs $16
4th — $20 to win on One Chin Again at 5-1 or higher
5th — $20 to win on the Emerald King at 5-1 or higher
6th — $20 to win on Cause
9th — $20 to win on Silent Trick and Vague Notion at 5-1 or higher

SATURDAY — No bets
OVERALL — Minus $698
BANKROLL (started with $2,000) — $1,302

Good luck today!!

2 thoughts on “Santa Anita Racing — 1/25/2009

  1. I forgot to give you props the other day on your pick of Cause in Race 6.

    Now if Vauge Notion had gotten home first… day really goes thru the roof.

  2. I need a few more like Cause just to get even this meeting. It’s been a rough first month, but hopefully things will get going.

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