Santa Anita Racing — 2/11/09

1st — $20 to win on Terina at 20-1 or higher; $5 exacta boxes coupling Terina with Snow On Christmas, Terina with Chicks Rule and Terina with Sam’s Queen
3rd — $20 to win on Polish Quest at 5-1 or higher
6th — $20 to win on Village Lady at 5-1 or higher

SUNDAY — Minus $100
OVERALL — Minus $850
BANKROLL (started with $2,000) — $1,150

Good luck today!!

2 thoughts on “Santa Anita Racing — 2/11/09

  1. How cute are you in that photo?? Love this description of how lnggoibg invites unexpected friendships. Always trying to explain the appeal of the lnggoibg community to those who don’t participate and they look at me as if I’m pontificating on Dungeons and Dragons. It really has introduced me to so many nice people including Rebecca. Nice to see her here.

  2. Nidhi,I’m okay!I was a little bit shock When I fell. Luckily only 1/4 of my body was wet but after that every easfucrs seemed extremely slippery! yucks!we didn’t go falls this time and we tried the other trails which about 5 miles to reach Chantry flat. (Hoegees Camp Trail Loop). It’s very nice!! We failed to finish it at the end though (too many stupid things happened!!)

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