Santa Anita Racing — 2/19/2009

To quote Tommy Lasorda again, I couldn’t hit water right now if I fell out of a boat. My long shots are not hitting and my chalk plays are running up the track. How bout it, folks .. how bout some tips on here. Do we have any red-hot handicappers who are having a good meeting?

1st — $20 to win on Tasty Temptation
2nd — $20 to win on No Tip for You, Mascota Spa, Good Shot Mally and Kiamika at 20-1 or higher
3rd — $20 to win on Mamoonya
5th — $20 to win on Razor Cut
7th — $20 to win on Nima’s Pad
8th — $20 to win on White Lace Jimmy

MONDAY — Minus $80
OVERALL — Minus $1,380
BANKROLL (started with $2,000) — $620

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