Santa Anita Racing — 2/21/2009

Lost two photo finishes Friday and finished second at 16-1. The racing gods are just not with us so far this meet. Today’s a key day. We’re slipping dangerously close to the end of our bankroll, but then Congress knows all about something like that.

1st — $20 to win on Thisishoweroll
2nd — $20 to win on Pat the Cool Cat; $5 exacta boxes, keying Pat the Cool Cat with Jen’s New Chapter, Dana Sisstar and No Kai Oi ($30)
3rd — $20 to win on C.T. Zee
5th — $20 to win on Natural Touch and Intermission
7th — $20 to win on Jan’s Ruling Angel and Russian Liquor
10th — $20 to win on Caribbean’s Comic and Strength

FRIDAY — Minus $110
OVERALL — Minus $1,584
BANKROLL (started with $2,000) — $416

Good luck today!!

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