Santa Anita Racing — 2/25/2009

One of the worst meets I’ve had in quite a while. If this keeps up, we’re going to need an I.O.U. from the government, and we all know how that would go. I’ve said it before, though — if you have a long-shot system in place that’s worked for more than 20 years you don’t dump it because of one bad meet. Who knows, maybe it’s the synthetics. Or maybe it’s just a poor meet. Whatever, we still have a long way to go and we press onward.

Nice pick-six carryover today at Santa Anita, and here are a few horses that I think could make a difference. Of course, the way I’m going, you might be bettter served to draw a line through them:

Taxi Fleet and Salty Humor in the third, Morton Owen in the fourth I think is a good single, If Not for You is the chalk play in the fifth, Sarah’s Melody looks solid in the sixth, and Waddup G is a good price play in the seventh.

1st — $20 to win on Courageous Captain
5th — $20 to win on Dana Sisstar
8th — $20 to win on Love Song Mellody and Paddlin Mud

SUNDAY — Minus $80
OVERALL — Minus $1,771.50
BANKROLL (started with $2,000) — $228.50

Good luck today!!

2 thoughts on “Santa Anita Racing — 2/25/2009

  1. Yeah, nice hit on Paddlin Mud in the 8th race yesterday. I gotta tell you buster, I wasn’t too sure she got up but as I have always said the outside always seems to have an edge in close photos. Guess your aim at throwing darts is getting better! LOL

  2. Ing,
    Yeah, I guess I hit a bulls-eye with that one. But I need a few more to climb out of my hole. That was too close for comfort.

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