Gomez might be uncatchable

Rafael Bejarano’s bid for his sixth consecutive SoCal riding title looks like it may be derailed by Garrett Gomez, still the best money jockey in the country. Going into Wednesday’s nightcap, Gomez held a 78-69 edge over Bejarano after riding two winners on the card. Gomez’s agent, Ron Anderson, said earlier this month that Gomez will not be leaving early to ride at Keeneland as he has in past years, so that will make it doubly tough for Bejarano to close the gap. Bejarano was aboard one winner Wednesday.
The closer race might be for second place, where Rosario had pulled within four wins of Bejarano with a riding double Wednesday. Rosario was scheduled to ride General Buffet in Wednesday’s eighth race.
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4 thoughts on “Gomez might be uncatchable

  1. Gomez is by far the best jockey in the country. Anyone who watches races for a living can tell you he rides with a plan and a purpose unlike a guy like Nakatani who appears to be winging it during a race. Gomez is the best I’ve ever seen at anticipating other jockeys moves who are ahead of him in a race and you will notice him move to a hole before it opens. When he gets the lead in the stretch and feels someone coming he jerks his mount around just enough to intimidate but not interfere with the horse that’s coming to him.

    It’s his strength and power but it’s also the little things that most people don’t notice!

    Go Go Gomez

  2. Andrew,
    Tough to argue with what you write. He’s won the money-won title the past two seasons and everybody wants him on their horse. His performance at last October’s Breeders’ Cup is proof of that.
    Perhaps most important, though, is how he has turned his life around after battling drug and alcohol abuse. He knew he needed help and he got it. He’s a guy all young jockeys breaking into the sport should use as a role model.

  3. Plus, looks like I messed up. Gomez WILL be leaving to ride fulltime at Keeneland, meaning Bejarano has an excellent shot to catch him and make it six consecutive SoCal riding titles. Rosario, of course, is right on Bejarano’s heels and might make a late run for the title if he gets hot. There are still 19 days to go in the meeting.

  4. Gomez is going for the money record now held by Jerry Bailey. He didn’t quite make it last year because of the accident he had with a week to go. I’m sure Garrett cares about the title but even Bejerano knows Gomez is the man! Gomez has bigger fish to fry.

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