Chantal Sutherland No. 2 at Woodbine

Chantal Sutherland, arguably the No. 2 female jockey in history behind Julie Krone, made the right decision to move her business back to Woobine Park in Toronto at the end of Santa Anita. It might not be best for her love life, but she’s faring quite well in her professional life since the switch.

Sutherland, romantically involved with Hall of Fame jockey Mike Smith, wanted so badly to make it on the Southland circuit this past year. She and Smith shared a home in Pasadena and their relationship was well-chronicled on the Animal Planet’s reality show entitled “Jockeys.” But Sutherland wasn’t happy with the amount of winners or mounts she was getting here in Southern California, so she decided to return to Canada, where she’s been very successful in the past. It’s not like she embarrassed herself at Santa Anita, however. She finished 11th in the standings with 18 victories while riding against the best jockeys in America. But she wanted more, and she’s getting it in Toronto.

Through Sunday’s races, Sutherland is second in the Woodbine rider standings behind Patrick Husbands, 60-41. She’s riding a great majority of the races, which is necessary if a jockey wants to make a name for themselves and grab some of the bigger mounts that she covets. She’d love to ride in Triple Crown and Breeders’ Cup races.

Some other former Southland jockeys are also faring well since leaving the circuit and relocating to other parts of the country:

* Jon Court is eighth in the jockey standings at Churchill Downs with 16 victories.
* Saul Arias, known for his ability to boot home long shots at Santa Anita, is sixth at Emerald Downs (Seattle) with 15 wins. And he apparently hasn’t lost his knack with the boxcar horses, finishing second with 33-1 and 36-1 long shots on Sunday.
* Omar Figueroa is 10th in the standings at Golden Gate with 38 victories.
* Patrick Valenzuela has 16 wins at Louisiana Downs — good for third in the rider standings.
* Emile Ramsammy is riding with Sutherland at Woodbine and is third with 35 victories.
* Isaias Enriquez is riding at Sunray Park in New Mexico and is eighth in the standings with nine wins.

22 thoughts on “Chantal Sutherland No. 2 at Woodbine

  1. I’ve been seeing her live at woodbine, and really hope she doesn’t return to Southern California!!! I’m hoping she’ll head to Western Canada like Victoria or Vancouver, and ride there during Canada’s winter season.

  2. Nice following her career. Looks like a great career move from Santa Anita to Woodbine. Sometimes your head (and not your heart) tells you what to do best.

  3. Saw the latest episode of Jockey’s with Chantal going back to Canada because could not (would not) commit to marriage and a future with her. My question is, will Chantal stay in Canada, and if so, has she broken all ties with Mike? You have so much to bring to the table, but I honestly don’t know if his ego would allow his wife to compete and beat him in his domain. Sad to see you go. Hope to see you back…Good luck. Hey, I hear the Michael Buble’ is available. Met him, adorable….

  4. Chantal did the woman riders of the world proud! The racing world is tough…the glass ceiling is nothing compared to the glass walls in the jock’s room or the backside….keep up the good work!

  5. Linda, for as far as I know, Chantal will stay riding in Canada but it is possible that she will return to Santa Anita in the winter. She is still in relationship with mike smith.

  6. Chantal was pathetic in the Jockeys series. No one should have to beg for love. Sorry to read that she’s still in a relationship with Mike Smith.

  7. Dear Chantal Sutherland
    thank you for taking a picture with me and you signed it to.God bless you i’m a hindu and praying for lord Krishna to bless you to become the best female jockey in the world.I’m a indian and i’m praying for you to have indian blessings.Thank you once again for taking a picture with me.

    james andy balkaran

  8. Chantal, congradulations on your Woodbine meet. There should be an eclipse award for best female jockey,you would win easily. The best of luck to you. Ang Martinelli

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