Rachel camp ducking Zenyatta?

OK, there’s one theory floating around out there that says Rachel Alexandra’s co-owner, Jess Jackson, wants no part of the unbeaten Zenyatta, that he’s using the synthetic track angle as a way to avoid meeting her on the track.

It’s an interesting thought, whether it has any validity or not. I mean, Rachel’s handlers could keep entering 3-year-old races the rest of the way and there’s no way Zenyatta’s camp could oppose her, even if they wanted. Rachel could go in races like the Haskell, Travers, Alabama … any number of them … and avoid having to meet the monster that is Zenyatta.

There’s no doubt these two distaffers are the two leading contenders for Horse of the Year and they are also the two most popular race horses in America today. This is something that is great for horse racing. It’s got people talking about the sport, with topics ranging from Jackson’s refusal to race over Santa Anita’s Pro-Ride synthetic in the Breeders’ Cup to who would win if the two super stars ever meet.

There are many who wonder why Jackson would announce to the world five months in advance that he’s not going to the Breeders’ Cup. What if something happened to Zenyatta before then, or if Zenyatta’s owner and trainer decided they were going to run in the Classic against the boys — a real possibility folks — and not the Ladies’ Classic? Wouldn’t that make the Ladies’ Classic a much easier proposition for Rachel Alexandra?

Last year, Jackson kept saying “been there, done that” in regards to whether Curlin was going to run in the Breeders’ Cup. Of course, he relented and his talented colt finished fourth with no excuses. Of course, his camp used the excuse that he didn’t like the synthetic, but truth is he just wasn’t good enough that day.

It’s getting more and more interesting, folks, and the Super Bowl of horse racing — i.e. the Breeders’ Cup — is still five months away.

4 thoughts on “Rachel camp ducking Zenyatta?

  1. That is about the biggest b.s. I have ever read. I have been in the racing industry since 1984. After Rachael won the preakness I went about the next Monday on My errands. I was wearing a triple crown hat. At the post office people asked Me about Racheal at the grocery store the checkout girl asked Me about Her. That was a first for Me. No one outside horse racing knows who Zenyatta is. Why would Mr jackson be ducking Zenyatta? No one knows if Zenyatta is as good on dirt as synthetics. Also, most people with a good 3 year old stay within their division until fall when they the stakes are written for 3 and up. Obviously this is a slanted California article. And finally, shame on the Breeder’s Cup for running on synthetics for 2 years in a row. If what You want is Europeons just run it overseas.

  2. Bulletman,
    First of all, Zenyatta ran probably her best race ever on dirt — last year in the Apple Blossom Handicap at Oaklawn Park. Secondly, it’s not a “slanted California article.” It is a theory floating around out there, who knows where it started? And if it is true, why would Mr. Jackson duck Zenyatta? Have you seen Zenyatta run? I am a fan of both horses, but let’s be honest here — Zenyatta during her 4-year-old campaign beat much better horses (Cocoa Beach and Ginger Punch to name two) than Rachel has ever beaten to this point.

  3. Bulletman–i am not in calif and i think Jackson is TOTALLY ducking Zenyatta as do many many people(do you just ignore all those articles written by east coast writers?) and my experience in racing goes back to the 60’s. So? Perhaps you missed a HUUUUUUUUGE point–Rachel is a 3yr old and got NATIONAL coverage because of the Preakness–one of the VERY few races national tv will cover..the only nat’l coverage has gotten (due to her age) is the Breeders Cup….you are obviously slanted in your opinion and there is no need to be so insulting when disagreed with…and so sorry that was a first for you–everywhere i went last year i was asked what i thought of Big Brown and i had no hat on or anything other than people knew I love horses. Maybe I am more approachable. And news flash–those same people who asked about Big Brown had NO IDEA who Curlin was.
    Jackson blamed plastic for Curlin’s loss-he blamed a jockey conspiracy for Rags beating Curlin and he totalllllly forgets Rachel flew on plastic at keeneland and his coverup of it being a maiden was factually wrong…his ego cannot take losing and he can cherry pick whatever races he wants–let others do the same then but he blinked first…

  4. They will never put Rachel up against Zenyatta. That is a losing proposition. Zenyatta is mature mare whose acceleration on dirt is much better than her acceleration on poly. A race with these two will never happen because those in the know knows it’s a good big man against a good little man!

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