And the beat goes on in California

Wonder why there’s a shortage of race horses in the state? Hmmmm, well, cut and paste the following link to Ray Paulick’s blog. Our “astute” state legislators are the main reason why we’re in the economic mess we’re in, and it’s others who are asked to sacrifice to help make up for their long trail of mistakes and bad judgment. If I performed my duties at work like they’ve performed theirs, I’d have been fired long ago.

4 thoughts on “And the beat goes on in California

  1. It’s a good thing the Breeders Cup decided to stay in California another year so they could please the Euro’s and race on the Pro Ride (Hocus Pocus Junk in my opinion)at Santa Anita (formerly the great race place)!

    Forcing the Owners of the winners to file in California and have 7% withheld from their purses and then giving them IOU’s when they try to get the withholding back is beyond the pale.

    You just can’t make this stuff up can you?

  2. If The legislature of California wasn’t so far to the wrong side of the FORCE they’re heads would be screwed on straight. As is they’re bunch of El Stupidoes of the highest order. NEVER TAX DURING A RECESSION!!! Or any other time. The would have taken care of itself alot sooner if left alone……..Period!!

    We’d still have the greatest horse racing Possible!!!

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