Trainers think we’ll be back at Hollypark in 2010

I’ve talked to three prominent Southland trainers today who all think there’s very little chance that racing will cease to exist at Hollywood Park after this spring-summer meet. In fact, one trainer told me he thinks we’ll be racing here for more than one or two more years.

Please check out my story in Monday’s editions of the L.A. Daily News, Pasadena Star-News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune and other Los Angeles Newspaper Group publications. I think I’ve dug up some pretty good input from these guys who have been around a while and know what they’re talking about.

5 thoughts on “Trainers think we’ll be back at Hollypark in 2010

  1. Art, I was at Del Mar this morning (the training accident happened after I left) and I didn’t get a good feeling about the future of California Racing. Races are not filling and Del Mar hasn’t even started yet. Opening Day has a weak card with many claiming races and only one turf race.

  2. Art, the Sicilians have a saying “the fish stinks from the head”! Joe Harper is the President of Del Mar so ulitimately it’s his responsibiliy. They have been training there since Tuesday so not having the standard precautions and necessary personel supervising with communication devices is inexcusable.

    Harper may have thought someone else was on top of it but he was sadly mistaken.

    While I was up there it seemed everyone was in a daze!

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