Bejarano taken to hospital after spill

Jockey Rafael Bejarano, who’s dominated the SoCal rider standings since relocating here full time in December 2007, was involved in a spill during the third race today on opening day of the Del Mar meet, going down at the top of the stretch when Mi Rey suffered a life-ending leg injury.

Bejarano, who was attended to for several minutes on the track following the spill, was taken to first aid and then transported to Scripps Memorial Hospital in La Jolla for precautionary X-rays. We’ll update when we receive word on his condition.

Mi Rey, an 8-year-old gelding trained by Doug O’Neill, had to be euthanized.

14 thoughts on “Bejarano taken to hospital after spill

  1. Sorry to hear but this is going to happen, no matter what proponents of the “plastic tracks” will tell us. So much for the “kinder, gentler surfaces.”

  2. Sorry to hear about Rafael’s accident, hope he is okay, and want to wish him a speedy recovery. From a Peruvian Fan.

  3. of COURSE it is going to happen….. on dirt or plastic or turf…what a time to slap at if a breakdown happens on dirt are people supposed to say told you so?? …

    rip mi rey and speedy recovery rafael..

  4. Yeah, it’s going to happen, no shit. My point. Just goes to show you that the “plastics” aren’t the save all that the CHRB said they were going to be. We need to bring back the dirt and forget this nonsense that synthetics have cut down or will cut down on spills and injuries. They haven’t. By the way Badlands, take your cap locks off. It’s annoying.

  5. i know your point-a tired and old gripe isn’t it? everyone knows it isn’t the be all end all-so? my point was your timing. classy of you.

    sorry what caps lock? one word for emphasis–if you are seeing more check your eyes.

  6. I know your old tired point-who doesn’t? Your timing and using far more words to make the same old point than expressing sympathy or best wishes was my point.

    Caps lock? sorry–no caps lock–capped one word for emphasis and if you see more get your eyes checked. Too bad if it annoys.

  7. The old dirt surface at Del Mar killed so many sound horses over the years (including a 2YO stakes-placed colt I co-owned back in 1995) – it was worked on so many times, but the rash of breakdowns continued.

    There are some wonderful synthetic surfaces out there (the Tapeta Footing at Golden Gate Fields is the best out there).

    Although it was sad to see a breakdown yesterday, keep in mind that it was an 8YO running for a $10,000 tag. If there wasn’t anything wrong with Mi Rey, his connections wouldn’t have run for $10,000 in the first place.

  8. Patrick, you are correct in that. Drugs and over raced horses are a big part of the problem too. The fact that all these synthetic tracks were suppose to prevent this is a joke. Del Mar has already had two fatal breakdowns, yesterday’s in the afternoon and then one went down earlier in the week in the morning.

  9. Patrick,
    I think the main thing that ailed the old Del Mar surface was that the base hadn’t been replaced in decades. If they’d put the new base in and then added a nice, quality dirt surface, all would have been well. I might be wrong about this, but I don’t think any less horses are breaking down here than back in New York, where all three major tracks have dirt surfaces. But that’s the problem. We don’t know for sure because we get one set of numbers from one affiliation and still another set for another affiliation.

  10. Has there ever been any numbers released that are “official” to prove that the plastic tracks have saved horses lives or cut down on injuries?

  11. Sorry–been an owner, trainer and breeder. Insults are your specialty so watch another Springer and all will be normal in your world too. Not a syns fan either so?? it isn’t the thing i say every post unlike you.

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