Plenty of Phillies and Yankees caps

I could have sworn I saw some Breeders’ Cup officials walking around Santa Anita this past weekend wearing Yankees and Phillies caps.

Let’s face it, the Breeders’ Cup DEFINITELY does now want a Freeway Series between the Dodgers and Angels, and they’d really prefer if neither team was in the World Series.

Think about it for a minute — there’s never been a Freeway Series, and if it did occur, the front pages of every sports section in Southern California would be full of World Series stories, relegating pre-Breeders’ Cup coverage to second-tier status.

Even if only one of the two teams makes it, Games 4, 5, 6 and 7 are scheduled to be played the week leading up to Breeders’ Cup XXVI, with Games 6 and 7 — if necessary — slated the same days as post-position draw day and Breeders’ Cup eve.

Nope, there are probably no bigger anti-Dodgers and Angels fans right now than the folks who run the Breeders’ Cup.

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