Breeders’ Cup to offer jockey bet for first time

For those bettors who haven’t had much luck in past Breeders’ Cups, a new bet will be offered this year — a wager on which jockey wins the most races during the two-day event scheduled for Nov. 6-7 at Santa Anita’s Oak Tree meet.

The bet will likely include 14 entries — 13 individual jockeys and a field bet that will include all other riders. If this bet had been available in 2008, Garret Gomez would have been the winning selection after the New Mexico native won a record four races over the two days, including three on the second day.

A tie will be treated like a dead heat, and wagering will be offered beginning Nov. 5 after riding assignments have been announced.

In addition, bettors will be able to wager on a Ladies’ Classic-Classic daily double for the first time.

Hey, both these bets may flop, but I applaud the Breeders’ Cup folks for at least trying something new. You never know if something is going to catch on unless you try it.

After all, there were horsemen who believed the Breeders’ Cup would never catch on as a big-time event when it debuted at Hollywood Park in 1984, and look at it now.

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