Jess Jackson talks about Horse of the Year race

Bill Christine talked to Jess Jackson, owner of Rachel Alexandra, about the Horse of the Year race this week and got some interestng observations from the 79-year-old billionaire who, to his credit, called Zenyatta owner Jerry Moss immediately after the Breeders’ Cup Classic to offer his congratulations.

How about the two female stars sharing Horse of the Year, Jess?

“You wouldn’t have two Heisman Award winners, would you?” Jackson told Christine in an interview that was published on Thursday. “You wouldn’t have co-winners of the Most Valuable Player Award in baseball. It would be silly, and wouldn’t prove anything, if these two horses shared the title.”

Hmmm, OK.

So, Jess, why does Rachel Alexandra deserve Horse of the Year over Zenyatta, a mare who became the first female to win the Breeders’ Cup Classic in its 26 runnings?

“She did things that a female horse has never done,” he said. “The Kentucky Oaks, by more than 20 lengths, biggest margin in the history of the race. The Preakness, first filly to win it in 85 years. Mother Goose, biggest margin, breaking Ruffian’s record, and fastest time ever. Haskell, beating the boys again, and second-biggest margin and only two-fifths of a second off track record. Woodward, first filly ever. In the Mother Goose, she was eased up, and still only missed Secretariat’s 1 1/8-mile track record by four ticks.”

Christine covers a great deal more subjects with Jackson in the story, including who he thinks should and shouldn’t be voting for Horse of the Year, why the sport needs a commissioner and why there should be separate awards for synthetic horses and dirt horses.

I sorta get the feeling that Jackson still considers Zenyatta a synthetic freak, despite the fact the second most impressive race of her career came over Oaklawn Park’s dirt surface in the 2008 Apple Blossom Handicap.

Let us know what you think, and please add some of your own comments on the Horse of the Year debate.

2 thoughts on “Jess Jackson talks about Horse of the Year race

  1. Am I the only one tired of reading Jess Jackson’s thoughts and opinions? Congrats Mr Jackson, you have a ton of money! Great job. You bought another ready made horse and have had a bad case of diarrhea mouth since. Rachel is amazing. I give her that. She has done all you can ask and more. Too bad Mr Jackson used a tired and worn out Curlin’s race over synthetic surface as a measuring stick to keep Rachel off “plastic.” Guess what Jess, I hate synthetic too. Racing isnt the same since that bonehead Shapiro made his little mandate. Plain and simple, good ones run on anything. If Rachel was THAT good, she wouldve been in the starting gate to see who the real Champion was. Zenyatta was there and she proved herself to the world in the BC Classic. Your horse shouldve been there too Mr Jackson. Were you counting on Zenyatta losing and you protecting your horse by banking on that? Guess what, she won and your filly was sitting in the barn. Hope you enjoy your second place trophy as Zenyatta is polishing her Eclipse. Oh wait, they dont make a second place trophy. Ill head over to the trophy store on Huntington and get one made for you and ship it stat.

  2. I think Jess Jackson is afraid to run Rachel Alexandra against Zenyatta in the Apple Blossom in april, after way they both ran on 3-13-10, I lost $5000 on Rachel that day and won $70,000 betting on Zenyatta ($15,000) combined with one of my 2 year old Baby horse’s ($55,000). Rachel Alexandra will never beat Zenyatta in any kind of match race.

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