Jackson and Moss speak

Reaction to the Horse of the Year voting, which went Rachel Alexandra’s way, 130-99, from the two owners:

Jess Jackson
“Together Rachel Alexandra and Zenyatta won nine Grade I races. Together they conquered four of the best groups of males that were running last year. If you think about their achievements individually or collectively, there has never been another year like this for fillies. I want to thank Jerry and Ann [Moss] for being so gracious all through the year, and we supported each other. You wouldn’t know that but occasionally we talked and we sent congratulations to each other, and I really appreciated the grace and charm and ability of the Zenyatta team, and particularly Jerry and Ann Moss. It couldn’t be arranged that they would meet last year. We’re hoping that each horse, taking its course, may win their way to an ultimate match, and maybe we can work toward that.”

Jerry Moss
“Zenyatta’s never lost. She’s perfect. Nobody’s beaten her on the racetrack. So they beat her by proxy as far as I’m concerned. This doesn’t take away anything from the just enormous job done by [trainer] John [Shirreffs]. I can’t say enough about what he and his barn have done. I obviously congratulate Mr. Jackson and Mrs. Jackson. They have a great horse. Someday we’ll meet, and we’ll decide at that time who is the best. Frankly I wouldn’t trade with anybody. I’m looking forward to the encounter.”

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