Pedroza staging one-man jockey show at Fairplex

Martin Pedroza, king of Fairplex Park, is making it known he’s not ready to give up his crown anytime soon. He continues to climb aboard the best stock on the grounds and he puts them in excellent position to win each and every time the gates open.

Pedroza is on a pace to break his own record of 51 victories at a single Fairplex season through the first six days of the 15-day meet. Pedroza won two more races Thursday, bringing his total for the year to 26 — 21 clear of second-place David Flores and Felipe Valdez.

Pedroza needs to average only 2.9 winners per day the rest of the meet to surpass the record he set in 2004 when he eclipsed Flores’ mark of 48 established in 1991. He’s averaging a little more than four victories per day so far.

Problem is, you’re not going to get rich betting Pedroza at Fairplex Park, but you sure as heck better not ignore his horses just because the vast majority of them go postward at low odds. He’s a “must use” in exotics just about every time he climbs aboard a horse.

If you’d bet two dollars to win on all 57 of Pedroza’s mounts so far this meet, you’d have gotten back $107.20 — a $6.80 loss. His winners are averaging a paltry $4.12 per two-dollar bet. His biggest-paying winner was Warren’s Blossom in Sunday’s 12th race, which returned $10.40. Two of his winners have paid $2.60 and one returned $2.40.

Get this — 15 of his 26 wins have come aboard odds-on favorites. That’s right, 58 percent of his victories have returned less than even-money.

Pedroza is a win machine at Fairplex Park. He knows just what it takes to win at the small Pomona oval, and the smart money out there knows it. Go out and have fun, bet a couple bucks here and there on him. Just know that you’re likely to only break even or lose a little money.

But hey, it’s only Fair, right?

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