Shame on me!!

I am not too big to take the heat and accept blame when I’m at fault.
My blog I wrote yesterday was written within minutes of the Hollywood Park cancellation. I should have waited longer for all the facts before venting over my distaste for synthetics.
My apologies to Hollywood Park.
If anyone wants to read the true story, please consult the article I wrote that appeared in one of today’s Los Angeles Newspaper Group publications.
All that being said, I continue to strongly believe that synthetic race tracks are no good and traditional safe, well-maintained dirt surfaces are the way to go.

9 thoughts on “Shame on me!!

  1. Synthetic surfaces are the greatest fraud in the history of Horse Racing. They have been a disaster for handicappers. Which of the original claims have proven to be true about synthetic surfaces? I love the no maintenance claim. LOL

    Don’t apologize Art. Why did the Jockeys refuse to ride? Why didn’t the water that flowed in from the surrounding areas drain when it hit the surface?

    The mistakes that have been made and continue to be made in California are the result of egotistical, incompetent, and corrupt leaders.


  2. By the way, if Art did make a mistake then I’d like to know how many mistakes have been made by the so called “leaders” of California racing over the last several years? Their mistakes have been big ones and they continue to make them.

    Mandate synthetic surfaces, raise the takeout, vandalize cars, and on and on.

    Art gets it done better than most. He speaks up for Horseplayers/Customers. Keep going Art and don’t let them put the guilt on you for one mistake.

    How many times have you heard any of them say “Shame on me” for this or that?

  3. Right on Andrew you couldn’t be more correct!

    The CHRB and current management at these race tracks should all be saying shame on me. But you won’t hear it. At least Art has the courage and backbone to write what’s wrong in the state. You won’t read anything like that in the Daily Racing Form. They are two busy churning out puff pieces that run daily.

    By the way, where is our beloved felonious ex-CHRB Chairman, Richard Shapiro? Last I heard he was working “behind the scenes” as an advisor to some horse racing group. Glad to see it business as usual in the state. Good grief.

  4. Guess I am confused, you have never let the facts stop you in the past, so why this time is it any different that it would bring on an apology?

    If it was not for Martin Panza calling you out you would have never even looked back. Hollywood Park in my opinion as an owner is the best track surface in the country.

  5. Andrew A wrote:

    Don’t apologize Art. Why did the Jockeys refuse to ride? Why didn’t the water that flowed in from the surrounding areas drain when it hit the surface?


    Precisely that.

    What ever the reason for the CushionTrack (and the rest of the residue that is currently in it) must be addressed allow for rainwater to drain.

  6. It’s been my experience that persons who are lousy synthetic-track handicappers were lousy dirt-track handicappers and those who did well handicapping dirt tracks do well on synthetic tracks. There are good handicappers (few in number) and lousy handicappers (you know who you are). The surface doesn’t the handicapper make.

  7. You bring up an excellent point Andrew. Why didn’t it drain? It would have on a dirt track. We never had these problems with the dirt surfaces. The synthetics are a disgrace to racing and track management along with the CHRB should be apologizing to the fans and horsemen for installing them. But they continue to defend them. Must be the large kick backs they received for putting them in. As far as saying Hollywood Park has the best management in the country? LOL okay.

  8. The main issue with Wednesday’s cancellation is that the two gaps (entrances from the barn area onto the racetrack) both are sloping downward. With the hour long deluge that Hollywood Park got, it washed the sand on the gap surface right down into and on top of the track, making the outside post positions vulnerable to negative performance from the start. Do you think that wasn’t the right thing to do? They were protecting YOU the bettor, as well as the horses, themselves and trainers. It wouldn’t have been fair to anyone being in an outside hole.

  9. Lisa is right … regardless of whether we like or dislike synthetics or where ever the blame lies in this instance, when the jockeys don’t want to ride because they don’t feel safe, well, like Hollywood Park president Jack Liebau said in my article in Thursday’s newspaper, it becomes an easy decision. You don’t race.

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